Our Services

A list of service we provide

Computer Repair

We can repair a majority of computer problems or even build you a new computer system.

Laptop Repair

We can repair a lot of laptop problems such as damaged power jacks, replacing motherboards, upgrading.

Game Console Repair

We can repair most game consoles such as disk read errors, most overheating issues, new parts.

Smartphone Repair

We can repair iPhone and Smartphones such as new screens, new digitizer, new casing and other missing or broken parts.

Phone Unlocking

We can unlock most phones such as Blackberries and Android for use of another mobile carrier.

Network Setup

We can setup up your home network for you, we specialist in wireless networks.

Data Recovery

We can recovery mostly 80% data in certain circumstances from bad memory cards, hard drives, optical media...etc.

Computer Optimisation

We can optimise your computer or laptop system by removing unwanted and unused programs, speeding up the hard disc and updating your windows installation.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We can remove pesky viruses and spyware, help protect your system from getting infected and suggest advice to prevent it in the future.

Remote Assistance

We can provide help remotely by connecting to your system and solving any issues that can be solved without physical access. Click Here to download our Remote Support program.

General Advice

We can also provide advice and other information to help with your decisions on new equipment or simple problems.